SupplyDevon which launched in February 2021, is a regional procurement platform, enabling local sourcing of goods and services. 

Funded by the Government's Sustainable Innovation Fund, SupplyDevon has been developed in partnership with The University of Exeter and Ghyston, one of the South West's leading software development companies.

Using the foundations of the artificial intelligence used by Applegate to accurately match buyers and suppliers, further development allows us to match locally, as well as ethically. 

Use the button below to view the tenders currently listed on SupplyDevon and register your interest if you can help. 


A regional procurement platform for Devon

SupplyDevon strives to provide a very simple and intuitive solution to sourcing locally and supporting the local community, as well as to help Devon reach its goal of being carbon neutral by 2030.

The platform enables buyers to identify suppliers within their district or county and compare aspects such as localism, quality and price. The platform makes sourcing locally a centralised, quick and easy process.

By helping organisations across Devon to find local suppliers with no charge, we can do our part in reducing carbon emissions from the transport of goods across the country and wider world.

Getting started

As a buyer, simply use the 'Request quotes' button, provide us with details of your request and we'll begin sourcing quotes for you.

As a supplier, use the 'Join as a supplier' button - as soon as we know a bit more about your business we can begin sending you quotation requests to start winning new business locally.

If you're already registered with Applegate and you're based in Devon, you'll automatically be included in requests from local buyers, there's no need to register again. 

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